In 5 Easy Steps to Buy a Combi Oven

Combination ovens (Combi Ovens) are often the biggest expenditures a commercial chef will make. It is important to make sure you get the best combi oven cleaner. These are our six points to keep in mind before you make the investment.

* Features include fully programmeable machines with pre-set menus. They also have units that “clean themselves”. These and other features can be consulted by experts from combi oven suppliers.

* Services: The electric and gas versions of combi ovens are available. A 3 phase supply is required for most electric models. Because they all produce steam, you will need at least one x fifteenmm cold water supply. A drain is also important. Many units’ waste outlets are very small. Others require an air brake, or tundish to be installed.

* Accessories: Accessory items are necessary to maximize the benefits of your combi-oven. These include plate racks, trolleys to cook regen and stacking and standing stands.

* Ventilation. All Combi ovens should have an extraction canopy. If this is impossible, then some oven manufacturers have developed ovens with “built-in” ventilation. MKN’s Hans Dampf “HoodIn”, for example, is one example. MKN offers a factory-fitted extractor hood for many of its units, as well as other premium brands. This allows you to position the oven in any part of your kitchen.

* Access: Despite being simple, most combi ovens are heavy and large. Make sure it fits into your kitchen. It’s not funny when your shiny new oven (expensive) gets stuck in a doorframe halfway up two flights stairs.

* Reliability: The last point in our 6 point guide. MKN Hans Dampf models continue to be installed in marine environments, as no one wants 600 oil rig workers to hear that the oven doesn’t work. Rational ovens are now covered by a 2-year warranty. This is because they know it’s unlikely it will break down. Both brands offer real value as well as peace of mind.