How to Use Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer a simple way of brightening a dark corner in your home. You should choose carefully because floor lamps are often an accent piece in a space. Floor lamps provide convenience and portability. plus a true stand-alone style. To see the best quality products, click on

While floor lamps tend to be more affordable that hardwired light fixtures they are still expensive. These lamps can be found in extremely affordable styles that look cheap and are not recommended. A lamp that looks great and works well in your home is a good investment. These are our top tips for using lamps in your home.

Pick the correct height. The light of a floor lamp’s bulb should be able to reach the ground in a way that is useful but not too distracting or glaring. You don’t want to place a tall floor lamp next to your sofa. The bright light from the bulb below could be distracting and can make it difficult for you to socialize in calm surroundings. The lamp should be positioned in a way that diffuses the light evenly and is directed in the right direction. It’s a good idea to choose a piece with a flattering shade.

Your best assets should be highlighted. You may not know that floor lamps can be used as accent lighting. Floor lamps can be used to draw the attention to accent pieces in your home, such as art or decor.

Choose a style you like. Floor lamps come in a variety of styles, including contemporary and ultra-sleek designs as well traditional options like tasseled shades. Floor lamps are great for coordinating with existing decor because they help to “defineā€ the space. Some of the most prominent trends in today’s world include:

Mid-Century style (candlestick” silhouettes and curvy bases).

Matte colors, brightly colored

Shades in sheer fabrics

Bold fabric designs

Drum shades

Place for maximum convenience. You should look around and find the best places to be. You might place a lamp on the floor if you prefer to read your newspaper in your comfortable chair every morning. A floor lamp might be a good idea if your kids do their homework at night in the dining area. There are many options for coordinating table lamps and other fixtures so you can layer your lighting.